You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

Hah! We know that’s not true. But that’s the error message I got when I tried to post a comment on another blog that had drawn my attention. It was the blog maintained by
Bates College,

Hathorn Hall, Bates College

Hathorn Hall, Bates College. One of the oldest buildings on campus

my very own alma mater, which had just done something nice for a professor who happens to be of the if-you-know-what-I-mean variety.

Which has nothing to do with me posting comments too quickly. All I was asking for was that they try to make their talks available online. Which has nothing to do with me not posting forever. Or so it seems.

Which has something to do with me posting this.

I’m more or less running out of topics for a stolen brain. My brain has mostly been stolen, and I have mostly gotten used to it being stolen, and I am very much absorbed in writing about other topics. For example, I am deeply involved in writing a novel, and in the middle of writing a memoir about a situation I went through some years ago. And I am in the midst of an explosion of poetry, too. None of this, unfortunately, lends itself to whostolemybrain.

So I am thinking of closing this blog, and starting a new one, to which I will invite all of you, you poor things. You can stay or you can go.

I might post comments too quickly. You might have to tell me to slow down.


2 thoughts on “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.

  1. You don’t need to close the blog. It will live in perpetuity. People will wander by and find it, and fall in love like we did. If you start a new blog, we will all be there, because our lives are better for your words.

    • Yes, it will sit here rotting away, not unlike brain remnants on the hospital floor. Thank you for your kind comments about my words. I am glad they manage to tumble over the Rockies.

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